HR Digitization Falters


HR digitization is faltering Many HR processes are only running offline employees want to handle common HR processes online, preferably on a mobile device. But in Germany, the digitization of human resources (HR) departments is lagging behind, as a recent survey shows. German companies are lagging behind especially when it comes to mobile access to personnel administration functions. The study makes it clear that employees want to perform basic HR management tasks with mobile devices, but often lack the ability to do it. #FUPCONS #FUPCONSGmbH #teamwork #DrivenByIntelligence #datastreaming #dataanalytics #analytics #consultants #consulting#data #Düsseldorf #BusinessIntelligence #BI#sapberatung #digitalisierung#intelligence [...]

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AI and Edge Computing


AI and Edge Computing - Siemens Expands Digital Enterprise Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, IoT - IT is essential for the automation of the factory of the future. The Siemens strategy for the digital enterprise of the future also shows this. In addition to cloud-based MindSphere, Siemens is also developing modern data analysis methods for edge computing. To process this data, Siemens will present a complete portfolio of edge management solutions, edge apps and edge devices at the Hanover Fair. #FUPCONS#FUPCONSGmbH#teamwork#DrivenByIntelligence#datastreaming#dataanalytics #analytics#consultants#consulting#data#Düsseldorf#BusinessIntelligence#BI#sapberatung #digitalisierung#intelligence#künstlicheintelligenz#technology#applikationen#it#news #digitalization#zukunft#future#edgecomputing

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Internal consultants play an important role in the digital transformation


Internal consultants play an important role in the digital transformation In large transformation projects, many companies rely on the competence of internal consultants in various roles. It is critical for success to have the right qualifications. Especially when it comes to strategy implementation at divisional and process level, internal forces are usually at an advantage. Internal consultants can be divided into 3 groups with different functions and profiles. On the one hand there are the internal consultants, who are in demand for the qualification of employee groups and are used for team and project work. On the other hand, [...]

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RPA gives employes more room for strategic tasks


RPA gives employes more room for strategic tasks The fear of losing one's job through the introduction of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is justified, but it should be added that this creates many new jobs through new job categories. To take the fear away from the employees, it makes sense to familiarize them with the software and train them further. It's also worth mentioning that tasks that don't satisfy employees anyway are eliminated and you can concentrate more on your contact to customers, colleagues and business partners. Generally speaking, RPA brings "greater efficiency, fewer manual errors, improved data quality [...]

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Adobe Experience Platform to analyze customer data in real time


Adobe Experience Platform to analyze customer data in real time Adobe extends its Customer Experience Management solution with an Experience Platform. The aim is to enable user companies to collect and analyze their customer data in order to better understand their customers. Customer Experience Management should help user companies to address customers in a more targeted and unerring way. This is achieved by collecting and processing data from various sources in real time. The further procedure is that the accumulated data is stored and organized in the so-called Experience Data Model (XDM). In general, it can be said that this [...]

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The Career Fair women & work


The career fair women&work enters its ninth round On 04.05.2019 the career fair for women will take place in Frankfurt am Main. The key question of the day is to what extent people differ from machines. The focus, however, will be on the major topic of "humanism", where opinions are divided and the topics of discussion will be discussed. Within a few seconds, about 100 employers have time to present themselves and their company. All industries are present to give women the opportunity to look around in the different areas. Practical and useful is this above all for lateral entrants [...]

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