Bosch Connected World: IoT Followed by the Economy of Things „Bosch sold 52 million Internet-enabled products in 2018.“

With its „open source-based Bosch IoT Suite,“ Bosch links more than 10 million devices from different manufacturers and works with partners to ensure that future issues communicate and interact in secure ecosystems. The new focus on digitization and IoT has expanded Bosch’s customer base. Bosch has connected 10 million devices to the Bosch IoT Suite over the past 10 years.

To master the path to becoming an IoT player, it is inevitable to :
1. make your own company „digitally capable“,
2. digitize existing ecosystems, and
3. expand a new cross-domain ecosystem.

Bosch makes its software solutions available to others and not just in its own cloud.
Denner concludes, „In the digital world, you have to be a coach, an expert and a moderator in one person“.

Die Computerwoche mit der Ausgabe -23-24 hat über dieses Thema berichtet.

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