Entrepreneurial thinking is a top priority for us

An impressive characteristic philosophy at FUPCONS is certainly the conviction that we are always there to advise our customers personally, and not just to acquire orders in order to delegate them apodictically for processing. For us, consulting is a passion, a kind of hobby. And we have been doing so for more than 12 years.

And it is precisely this enthusiasm that motivates us to always use our commitment to provide innovative business & IT services. Our professional passion allows us to provide you with strategic foresight and impeccable excellence with deep, in-depth knowledge. Thanks to our unique industry expertise, we can draw the optimum from your value chain and turn your success screw for a noticeable performance.

The success of a project is linked to the effectiveness of each individual consultant through his or her personal contribution. That is why we attach great importance to our employees. We call it “our people, our values“. When we advise, our employees are an integral part of your company structure and not external consultants.

Entrepreneurial thinking requires a high degree of expertise, personality and integration. The art lies in doing justice to these attributes in the best possible way.

Expertise | From BI to an Intelligent Business

We have a unique branch expertise in consulting, sound IT knowledge and excellent practical relevance.

Personality| Trust our consulting style

An honest and visionary personality is our top priority. Our consultants contribute conscientiously to the success of your company. Our principles are simple; to understand your needs and to implement them efficiently. You always speak to us at eye level.

Integration| Our hand is outstretched

The principle of counselling lies in the social interaction leading to dialogue. In order to live up to this motto, it is important to establish a context for partnership-based integration. A perfect counselling requires a close, trusting friendship.

When we advise, we challenge the maximum of ourselves.