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The association FUPCONS GmbH is a dynamic and vibrant consulting company specializing in providing strategic, efficient, and sustainable CIO & Executive Management Advisory services.

The Role of the CIO

Five expectations that CEOs have from CIOs

Gartner recently surveyed hundreds of CEOs and other C-level executive managers to inquire about their top expectations from their CIOs. Five themes stood out above the rest:

  1. Accelerating Digital Transformation
  2. Enhancing Business Process Efficiency
  3. Seamless Integration of IT Ecosystem
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Data & Analytics

Organizations increasingly rely on digital information and technologies, not only to run day-to-day operations but also to expand and differentiate their businesses. CIOs must collaborate closely with executives to develop digitally-enabled business functions that generate revenue, improve profit margins, or advance the mission and stakeholder satisfaction.

Data-Centric CIO

Data-Driven Organizational Culture

The convergence of these forces naturally places the CIO in the spotlight and under increasing pressure. As a seasoned CIO Advisor, I understand that being a CIO can sometimes feel like an ungrateful job. However, with information becoming increasingly siloed and data literacy becoming a vital skill in the modern workplace, CIOs find themselves in a unique position to identify new strategic opportunities and redefine their role in the C-Suite.

With my mining expertise, I facilitate knowledge discovery and knowledge processing from your data, working together to establish a data-driven corporate culture.

The unique aspect of…

my approach in providing expert consulting is marked by personalized, hands-on leadership in your projects, steering clear of relegating tasks to external parties.

Educated in computer science at prestigious institutions such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and with an extensive background as a CIO, CTO, Executive Management Consultant, and Interim Manager in over 30 countries, I possess a wealth of insights and advanced expertise in IT strategies and business process optimization.

Skilled in the latest data-mining techniques, I am well-equipped to introduce innovative methods to enhance your IT infrastructure and to devise strategic solutions finely tuned to your company’s specific needs.

I am keen to engage in a personal consultation to discuss your IT ambitions and challenges and to explore how my expertise can aid in advancing your organizational goals.

Sincerely, Arian Faghihi

Core Competencies

Comprehensive analysis of daily operations, in-depth status reporting, adept requirements management, strategic change management, and proficient escalation and crisis resolution.

Expert advisory in CIO functions, sophisticated enterprise architecture design, efficient incident management, robust technology risk assessment, precision in PMO project controlling, meticulous SLA content formulation, strategic license management, TSA exit strategy, corporate strategy development, handling of equity carve-outs, IT governance and compliance, IT auditing, strategic (out)sourcing, and effective application portfolio management

Proficient in SAP S/4 HANA deployment and migration processes

Leadership in Business Intelligence Competence Centers, strategic DWH planning, real-time reporting capabilities, and cloud-based BI solutions

Innovative substitution of conventional ERP process routines through cutting-edge technologies including AI, ML, IoT, and NLP

Systematic health checks, agile optimization of business processes, management of RfI, RfQ, and RfP processes, critical evaluation of business strategies including PoC, and feasibility studies based on prototyping (PoT)

Expertise in GxP-compliant documentation including DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, MQ, FS, URS, SOPs

Application of multidimensional KPI matrices, RACI matrices, leveraging Gartner Magic Quadrant, Balanced Scorecards, and predictive insights in reporting aligned with industry best practices

Strategic assessment of critical KPI fulfillment, reverse management aimed at self-regulated business process optimization using cybernetics enhanced by AI

Profound knowledge in corporate governance, group consolidation in accordance with IFRS, financial controlling, strategies for joint venture / M&A integration, and performance optimization in supply chain management


We are an independent firm that stands for innovation, continuity, and reliability towards our clients, partners, and society. I am available to provide you with objective advice for your project.

Analysis of complex issues, creation of meaningful status quo reports, gap analysis for process optimization, in-depth process expertise from 16 industries, strong presentation and communication skills with C-level and executive managers, KPI preparation for stakeholders, and excellent problem-solving know-how with both business departments and IT, complete my profile.

As a passionate computer scientist, I am always striving to identify innovations in technologies, products, services, and processes through various channels, and to create an optimal framework for their practical integration.

The principle of consultation lies in social, dialogue-driven interaction. To adhere to this maxim, establishing a context for collaborative integration is crucial. Successful consulting demands a trusting partnership.

Historical milestones and a diverse spectrum of experiences, which have substantially evolved and deepened throughout my career, have been pivotal in shaping the success of our association. This journey is further distinguished by my engagement with globally renowned companies, where I have offered expert consultancy, reinforcing my professional standing in the international arena.

An honest and visionary personality is my foremost principle. As a CIO Advisor & an interim manager, I conscientiously contribute to the success of your business. My approach is straightforward; understanding your needs and implementing them efficiently and sustainably. This commitment is a core part of my professional ethos, and I stand by it with my name.

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