Federal Government Specifies Its Funding Measures For Artificial Intelligence

For the areas “Research; Transfer; Social Dialogue; Technology Assessment; Qualification and Data Availability”, approximately €500 million has been earmarked for the promotion of technologies for AI. Of this, 230 million Euros of the AI funds are earmarked for the transfer from research to application practice and social dialogue; >190 million euros will be invested by the federal government in research and the promotion of young scientists and approximately 55 million Euros for measures relating to “social dialogue; participation; technology assessment; regulatory framework and promotion of operational qualification measures”. In order to make AI research economically viable more quickly, an amount of €3 billion is being considered for the expansion of the competence centres and the establishment of the AI Observatory to investigate the consequences of AI and its effects on work and society.

Computerwoche with issue -23-24 reported on this topic.

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